"When I established Zignal as that partner for us around the entire world, once you turn it on, it’s very hard to turn it off because of how actionable and applicable the insights are. Even to the bypassing CEO and how he reacts to it and how he wants to know more."

Eric Toda
Global Head of Social Marketing and Editorial Content at Airbnb

"Zignal is deeply ingrained in our event management and success management, our product launch strategy and our success management for the individual communications that we do across the entire spectrum at NVIDIA. Being able to rely on the instant feedback and the instant reports and dashboards that we’re able to pull from the system, it gives us an extremely high level of insight into the conversation that’s happening."

Logan Rosenstein
Head of Social Media Planning and Insights at NVIDIA

"Zignal has some of the best real-time results that we've seen and we feel the reporting process is really strong. Seeing reach and sentiment and all of that in an easily digestible way is something that we really value."

Karlee Prazak
Media Relations Coordinator at GoPro

"Without a doubt having Zignal as part of our communications team has and will continue to become more and more valuable. Zignal shares a very similar philosophy around A.I. and on the back end, it’s a very powerful technology that can process copious amount of data and then understand it, make use of it, and then come back with the most reasonable and realistic events in real time at scale. It’s incredibly valuable."

Steve Mnich
Head of West Coast Communications at IBM