eBook: Identifying the Influencers that Matter — A Data Driven Guide to Building Trust in your Brand or Cause

Today, empowered consumers exert immense control over brands, public causes and corporate reputations. In fact, a single individual wielding a mobile device has the power to reach millions of people through social media and impact a brand or advocacy cause. To succeed in this dynamic environment, brands and organizations must take a data-driven approach to identifying and managing key influencers. In this informative eBook, communications and marketing teams will learn how to leverage media and social intelligence to: - Cut through the data deluge and pinpoint the influencers driving your share of voice, coverage and sentiment. - Track how stories can rapidly escalate from a low-grade influencer conversation to national news or a major crisis. - Effectively monitor and manage groups of influencers -- especially to build trust in your brand or cause. - Understand the most important issues driving influencer conversations within your industry.

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eBook: 10 Ways that Big Data will Modernize your Crisis Communications Plan

In today’s digitally-fueled world, the tiny spark of a crisis can erupt into a massive fire overnight – damaging corporate brands and reputations. Even the best-intentioned crisis plans can’t withstand the ferocity of a digitally-driven crisis. In this informative eBook, learn how you can modernize your crisis communications plan by incorporating data-driven insights and decision making. The eBook’s ten-point framework offers practical guidance that any organization can employ during the planning, response and assessment phases of a crisis.

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