Webinar: Why Corporate Communications Teams Should Think More Like Data Scientists

Over the past few years, corporate communications teams have struggled to protect brand reputation across the many external stakeholders fueled by social media and mobile devices. In this new world, separating the signal from the noise across the billions of digital touch-points has now become an exercise in data science. At the same time, communications teams are expected to analyze data and deliver accurate and actionable reports to the C-Suite and broader enterprise. How can communications professionals incorporate data science and analytics within their day-to-day roles and stay one step ahead of a fast-moving media landscape?

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Webinar: The Most Important Media Metrics that Will Drive your Business in 2017

Now more than ever, data and metrics are the centerpiece of every PR and communications program. Join H+K Strategies and Zignal Labs for an informative webcast, where they will explore how media metrics from social intelligence will protect brand reputation and mitigate risk -- all while helping organizations demonstrate tangible ROI to the C-suite and broader enterprise.

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Webinar: New Digital Strategies for Effective M&A Communications

In a fast-moving digital economy, any major M&A transaction faces a never-ending set of hurdles – before, during and after the event. Zignal Labs and the Brunswick Group discuss how Big Data can and Media Intelligence can help improve M&A communications plans.

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