Brand Health and Reputation
Measure the Business and Brand Impact of Your Communications

Gauge the Health of Your Brand in Real-time

Gain real-time awareness of your company’s brand health across various stakeholder segments. Through powerful visualizations, know which attributes are impacting your company’s health score and take the right action.

Mitigate Reputational Risks

Immediately receive an alert whenever your brand is at risk or a crisis is brewing. At the same time, pinpoint the root-cause of any potential risks and engage the appropriate stakeholders.

Inform the C-Suite With Confidence

Deliver accurate, timely and impactful reports to the C-Suite. Similarly, provide updates to the executive team about important corporate initiatives such as CR&S, diversity, hiring or innovation.

"We've built a strong brand in the marketplace. Zignal helps protect this investment with the insights to calibrate how our brand is being discussed across our key audiences and stakeholders."

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