Zignal Data API

Quick and easy to use, the Zignal Data API allows access to data, metadata and analytics from within the Zignal Enterprise Platform. Through this integration, teams can quickly and easily integrate insights and analysis into existing business applications or products. Organizations can also build custom solutions and visualizations to meet specific business requirements.

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Analytics API: Easily access the powerful media analytics of your current campaigns within the Zignal Enterprise Platform. Generate specific analytics around total mentions, sentiment, impressions and issues across multiple sources for each Zignal profile.

Newsroom API: Utilize enriched metadata and stories from multiple data sources (traditional news/online, blogs, broadcast, print, social, videos) based on the configured queries for your Zignal campaigns. Data within Zignal is further enhanced with sentiment, language, gender and geolocation using advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.

Campaign API: Access the list of campaigns, profiles and issues that you have defined within the Zignal Enterprise Platform.

Technical Documentation

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The Zignal Data API is designed to help developers build data-driven applications quickly and easily. The data is delivered in JSON format via RESTful endpoints which can be called by any programming language that supports JSON, including JavaScript, Python, Java, C++, PHP, Ruby or VB. All of your data is secured via SSL and oAuth2.

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