Zignal Labs utilizes leading technologies to gather and analyze massive amounts of data. Our platform is driven by an open and extensible technology stack that utilizes some of the most innovative technology available today.

"Everybody here is great. Everybody here is smart. Everybody is motivated. They’re passionate. They like what they’re working on. They’re curious, and engaged."

- Amy Abito, UX/UI Designer

"Working for Zignal has been really great. It’s the first time working for a company where I see my ideas and my code getting pushed to production every one to two weeks."

- Johannes Liegl, Frontend Software Engineer

"Unstructured textual data from a variety of news and social media sources. Yeah. That gets me fired up. Also, I’m an NLP data nerd."

- Michael Kramer, Data Scientist / Software Engineer

"The product we built at Zignal Labs is something that has never been done before."

- Fabian Vives, Product Manager

What we build

We build products on the cutting edge of technology to deliver data in realtime that drives actionable insights. We invest time and resources in delivering beautiful displays you can't help but gawk at. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

What we practice

We work towards a unified goal of continuing to make our products exceptional and our customers happy.

  • We’re engineering with a driven, creative, entrepreneurial mindset
  • We prototype, test, adjust and deliver revolutionary solutions to our clients
  • We create challenging solutions to some of today’s most complex data driven problems
  • We work towards a unified goal of continuing to make our products exceptional and our customers happy
  • We have fun and work as a team to constantly improve an already great product

What we use

We use some of the most innovative, extensible, open source distributed technologies available today to power our big data, high volume, realtime analytics platform.

Scala is our primary back-end language and was used to develop most of our core business critical applications.

Spark is an amazing in-memory cluster computing framework that allows us to quickly process data in near real-time.

We utilize Node.js to Interface with other backend components and build application API’s. Node is lightweight and efficient and is perfect for our data intensive real-time applications.

Data Visualization – Interactive data visualization technologies like D3.js, Three.js and Highcharts create some of the most appealing parts of our products.

NLP is used within our dashboards to enhance our analytics and help our clients understand and condense their data in an automated way.

Backbone.js to develop single page applications and to keep some web applications synchronized.

Elasticsearch serves data to the front end. Elasticsearch is a Data serving layer for text search queries which drives our front end.

We use Docker and Mesos to run our underlying infrastructure and automate.

We utilize Apache Storm For realtime data enrichment, analytics and real time data delivery to the front end.

Apache Kafka for real-time analysis and rendering of massive amounts of streaming data in different phases of our data ingestion pipeline.

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