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Zignal for Agencies Use Zignal Lab’s media intelligence to be a trusted advisor to your clients, share dynamic insights and plan and execute more strategic engagements.

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Become a Trusted Advisor

Companies rely on their agencies to be the early warning system of vital news and potential trouble on the horizon. Arm yourself with the right media data to properly advise your clients and show them you’re on top of your game.

Show Your ROI

Track sentiment scores, total mentions, impressions, influencers, competitive mentions and keywords relevant to your client’s business. Learn your clients’ “share of voice” in the industry and measure how their messaging and content are resonating.

Save Time on Client Reporting

Significantly reduce the manual time it takes to assemble reports and deliver them to clients. Generate reading lists rather than painstakingly analyzing Google alerts, and include relevant clippings, notes and recommendations.

Centralize Your Workflow

Consolidate multiple manual tools and rely on Zignal Enterprise to show you everything that’s happening across every media source. Leverage one source of information for your team and clients and keep everyone armed with the same data and insights so they can march in lockstep.

Generate Alerts

Targeted alerts let you know when to pay attention to developing stories and how your brand is performing across different media in your industry.

Gain Geographic Insights

Use geo-location and geo-enrichment demographics to map trends, gain location-based insights and track how your client’s brand is performing for different regions and audiences.

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