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Strategy & Insights Customized analysis and research services to help customers manage, measure and protect their brand

Manage, Measure and Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Zignal Strategy & Insights team consists of experts skilled in extracting more value from customer data and uncovering deep insights to inform communication strategies. Services include: customer-specific analytics, deep-dive research on a wide range of topics, disinformation analysis and protection, amplification of positive brand narratives and more. The team helps brands devise tailored strategies and repeatable playbooks to tackle today’s media challenges.

Influencer list

Inform Strategy, Improve ROI

We look at your overall business and communication goals through the lens of audience, influencer, channel, competition and market, to define business impact, understand ROI and uncover opportunities that extend your brand’s message to deepen engagement.

Automated influencer analysis

Protect Your Brand, Mitigate Risk

By blending strategic insights with the powerful Zignal technology platform, we uncover areas of potential risk for a brand, including disinformation, and offer protection strategies—from proactive amplification of brand messages to better alerting.

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Amplify Your Messages

The media ecosystem is getting more connected and complex by the day; Zignal experts help brands develop strategies to effectively navigate and move content through it in powerful ways, analyzing missed opportunities, graphing influencers and keywords and devising potent brand-building strategies.

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