Enterprise Brands Top global brands across a variety of industries use Zignal to build trust and protect reputation.


Measure and build momentum behind your technology innovations.

  • Monitor social conversations and keep up with online product reviews as they happen.
  • Control the narrative with critical or outspoken technology consumers on social media.
  • Gain insights into competitor activity to ensure positive public perception of your brand.

Retail and CPG

Protect and bolster your profitable brands and consumer trust.

  • Stay ahead of what customers and industry analysts are saying about your products.
  • Know where geographical anomalies are to plan a coordinated response to issues.
  • Mitigate financial repercussions by giving everyone the same facts and figures.

Healthcare and Pharma

Gain timely insights on regulation, prices, influencers and other marketplace dynamics.

  • Monitor mentions of your products to ensure brand compliance and safety.
  • Get a deeper, substantive look at how consumers respond to your products.
  • Keep up with relevant industry news and reach out to the right influencers.

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