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Narrative Intelligence for Communications Teams Leverage narratives to craft the right message for the right people – at the right time.

In today’s highly polarized and viral environment, narratives – including those that can hurt you – emerge suddenly and grow quickly.

Zignal’s Narrative Intelligence Cloud continuously scans and analyzes billions of digital stories across the entire media spectrum to instantly surface the narratives that matter most to your organization, giving communications teams the power to more strategically interpret potential risks and act upon every brand-building opportunity.

Brand Reputation Management

Never miss an opportunity to amplify your brand. Zignal helps you measure and uplevel the impact of your communications plan to improve brand reputation and business performance.

  • Monitor real-time mentions of your brand to gain a holistic understanding of how your business is being talked about across various media channels.
  • Identify who is shaping narratives around key topics – and target the right media and influencers to build your business.
  • Measure the quality and positive or negative impact of mentions related to your brand with Zignal’s Media Quality Score (MQS).

Crisis and Issues Management

When a crisis occurs, stale data simply won’t do. Zignal helps you manage today’s chaotic media environment by synthesizing and enriching data in real time, so you can reduce the impact of narrative-borne risks on your brand and reputation.

  • Monitor hot-button issues and set up early-warning alerts so that you can quickly understand and respond to a potential crisis.
  • Baseline previous crisis events to extract data-driven insights that help you plan proactive and effective messaging.
  • Identify when unreliable or automated sources are fueling narratives around your brand – and leverage this knowledge to put out fires before they spread.

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