Narrative Intelligence for the Travel Sector

Narratives that emerge from the intersection of online conversations and other media have created considerable repercussions for airlines and the Travel sector as a whole. Risk and Communications professionals at these companies need to stay ahead of narratives that can harm reputation, business operations, or consumer demand. With Zignal’s Narrative Intelligence Cloud, you can detect and manage threats early, protect your business, and capitalize on opportunities in emerging and established narratives.

Big Brands Trust Zignal

Some of our customers in the Travel industry include companies like:

Gain 360-Degree Visibility Into Narratives

When you truly understand the narratives that impact you – from their origin, to how they evolve, and beyond – there’s no limit to what you can do to grow and protect your business:

  • See rankings of the top media sources propagating a narrative, updated in real time
  • Segment authentic and inauthentic accounts to better understand the degree of automation driving a narrative
  • Identify the primary influencers and actors impacting a narrative’s spread and evolution

Identify Narrative-Borne Opportunities

With Narrative Intelligence from Zignal, you gain full, detailed visibility into the impact of your campaigns:

  • Uncover consumer trends you can harness to make inroads into new markets
  • See how changes in sentiment and other metrics around key issues create openings for your messaging
  • Leverage Zignal’s Media Quality Score to gauge the effectiveness of your communications and identify weaknesses

Get Ahead of Threats

Get ahead of high-impact emerging narratives – before they impact your reputation, physical and digital infrastructure, and more.

  • Detect narratives that could signal imminent disturbances in congregate travel settings
  • Track narratives that particularly apply in travel-related contexts and are centered on cultural wedge issues, such as mask requirements
  • Protect your reputation by rapidly detecting, analyzing, and responding to narratives forming around new policies, on-site incidents, and more

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