Solutions Media analytics and brand measurement solutions that support your entire enterprise.

Media analytics and AI are reinventing how organizations measure the business impact of their brands and protect reputation. Learn how Zignal is solving key challenges across industries and enterprises. 

Business Challenge

Zignal’s media analytics platform solves key challenges faced by corporate communications, marketing and executive teams.

  • Social Media Bot Protection

    Social Media Bot Protection

    Zignal bot detection identifies top bot-led news stories in social media.

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  • Competitive Intelligence

    Competitive Intelligence

    Build powerful competitive intelligence to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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  • Brand Health and Reputation Management

    Brand Health and Reputation Management

    Measure the Business and Brand Impact of Your Communications

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  • Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing

    Cut through the noise and identify the influencers that matter most to your brand.

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  • Event Coverage

    Event Coverage

    Measure the impact and business value of your campaigns, events and announcements.

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  • Issues Management

    Issues Management

    Make data-driven decisions to counter or prevent your next crisis.

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Top brands, agencies and political organizations use Zignal to build brand health and protect reputation.

  • Technology


    Surface powerful stories, reviews and social activity across a vast universe of influencers.

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  • Agencies


    Complement practice areas with value-added insights.

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  • Politics


    Deliver the right message to voters and constituents.

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  • Sports and Entertainment

    Sports and Entertainment

    Keep your finger on the pulse of your fan base.

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  • Enterprise Brands

    Enterprise Brands

    Build trust and protect reputation.

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See how Zignal supports data-driven decision making and helps you demonstrate tangible ROI.

  • Government Relations

    Government Relations

    Surface actionable political intelligence to align key policy initiatives.

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  • Investor Relations

    Investor Relations

    Align financial and corporate communications through realtime insights.

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  • Marketing


    Measure brand reputation and refine marketing messages.

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  • CCO and Executive Team

    CCO and Executive Team

    Valuable data at your fingertips to build brand and protect reputation.

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  • Communications and PR

    Communications and PR

    Control the 24-second news cycle with real-time media analytics.

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