The New Rules of Financial Services Communications

Learn how impact-driven data analytics can help you build and protect the growth and reputation of your business.

Case Study: Pramana Collective

"There is a nice ‘choose your own adventure’ feel to the platform... [it's] flexible enough that you could just go in and make a dashboard of the most popular widgets to give a high-level perspective for certain client stakeholders, while also creating multiple dashboards all filtered by different information for others.”

Will Your Brand Win the Election?

Learn how real-time media and data analytics can help you build and protect your brand throughout the election.

How the Biggest Brands Measure Success

Learn how modern communicators are transforming their brands in part two of this special report

Zignal Labs helps brands build and protect their most valuable asset: their BRAND.

Crisis Management

Stay ahead of damaging information and save time with lightning-fast analytics and real-time synthesis of myriad data points

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Issues, Topics and Initiatives

Associate your brand with key topics and trends such as AI, diversity, innovation and more to increase value and brand affinity

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Competitive Intelligence

Get unparalleled insight into the competitive landscape, including automated account activity and its influence, to gain an advantage

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Software Solution

Zignal Enterprise

Modern Media Intelligence Platform

The industry's most intuitive and highly customized analytics solution means you don't have to be a data analyst to get the insights you need.

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