Zignal Platform

Zignal Labs’ real-time intelligence technology helps the world’s largest organizations protect their people, places, and position.

Actionable Intelligence

Zignal scans billions of data points every day, detecting both physical and narrative threats in real time and providing organizations with the context they need to make mission critical decisions.

Sophisticated Alerting

Customizable automated alerting, precisely tailored to operational priorities and based on detailed criteria such as narrative peaks, key issues, and volume thresholds, ensure that threat awareness occurs left of bang.

Bi-Directional API

Zignal’s bi-directional REST API gives organizations the choice of leveraging enriched data pipelines via Zignal’s visualization layer or a fully integrated API, complete with tipping and cueing and remote management capabilities from your preferred single pane of glass.

Comprehensive View

Unique visualizations and powerful contextual analysis tools can be deployed in hundreds of fully customizable configurations and shared throughout an entire organization, providing a unified view of geographic, narrative, event, and economic data.

Highly Curated Data Sets

Mission-specific complex queries and smart filters can be built and easily adapted to changes in objectives, significantly reducing analyst TTV (Time-To-Value) for actionable intelligence by separating signal from noise.

Enrichment Process

Proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) algorithms tag each data point with enriched information such as geography, author influence, and narrative identification to enable advanced visualizations and natural language processing.

Data Ingestion

The Zignal platform ingests and processes billions of data points each day in real time via full firehose APIs from the world’s most used global media platforms, giving visibility to more than 50 million unique sources in over 100 languages.

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