184 million gigabytes

of publicly available information are published every minute.

Organizations must be able to
turn this disparate data into


Zignal collects, enriches, and visualizes broad spectrum, high fidelity

PAI at scale


capabilities deliver real-time
situational awareness.

Zignal curates focused
intelligence feeds with advanced


Transforming disparate data into actionable intelligence, Zignal Labs equips organizations with the information they need to protect their people, places, and position.

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Broad Spectrum, High Fidelity

Broad Spectrum,
High Fidelity

8B+ data points ingested daily from 50M+ unique sources, with 174B+ historic documents under management

Hyper-Local at Global Scale

Hyper-Local at
Global Scale

Comprehensive view into global platforms and local forums, with geospatial metadata in 100+ languages

AI/ML-Based Enrichment

AI/ML-Based Enrichment

Data enrichment with topic and entity extraction, network analysis, geo-analysis, and narrative intelligence

Complex Querying & Filtering

Complex Querying & Filtering

Object, narrative, and network identification via AI/ML CV tech; real-time filters improve signal to noise ratio

Rich Visualization & Alerting

Rich Visualization & Alerting

Advanced analysis and research through 80+ visualizations, with manual and fully-automated alerting

Federated & Customizable

Federated & Customizable

Role-based sharing via flexible dashboards, reporting, and bi-directional REST API; platform extension for tailored solutions

Turn data intoIntelligence

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