Missed our latest town hall? Learn more about how disinformation can be used to exploit social movements. Watch the Full Replay >

Zignal on CNN

Microsoft founder Bill Gates responds to conspiracy theories revealed by Zignal data.

The Ultimate Guide to Media Intelligence

In the market for a media intelligence solution? Let us help you separate the must-haves from the nice-to-haves with our easy-to-use checklist guide.

Brand Campaign Consumer Influence IMPACT | Intelligence

Zignal’s Impact Intelligence platform measures the real-time evolution of opinion, and identifies the topics, networks and people that can help you shape it.

COVID-19 Response Center

We're here to help – best practices and tools you can use in your response to COVID-19.

How Zignal Makes an Impact

Hear how the world’s top companies use the Zignal Impact Intelligence platform.

Zignal Labs helps you with:

Brand Intelligence

Drive recognition and loyalty to build an influential brand.

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Campaign Optimization

Campaign Intelligence

Engage strategic audiences with targeted content.

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Consumer Intelligence

Understand the influences that motivate consumers to buy a product.

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Influence Intelligence

Spot and mitigate unwanted influences and threats.

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Software Solution

Zignal Enterprise

Impact Intelligence for the Enterprise

With Impact Intelligence, marketers, communicators, and insights professionals drive more powerful campaigns, products, and experiences, and risk analysts identify threats before they fully emerge.

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