On April 26th, the Zignal Summit is coming to San Francisco. This one-day event is the premier gathering of communications and marketing professionals focused on building stronger brands through intelligent communications strategies. Click here to request an invitation.

Companies are learning the rules of today’s fast-paced digital economy that is fraught with new digital risks like disinformation, fake news and brand fraud. At the same time, new opportunities exist for companies to build trust with customers through purpose-driven initiatives. The Zignal Summit will examine these new trends and challenges for the enterprises.Speakers from some of the world’s largest companies will address this new landscape. These are some of the panels you can look forward to at this year’s Zignal Summit:

Executive Panel: What Does Your Brand Stand For? Building Purpose-Driven Brands

Today, consumers want to buy from brands that stand for a purpose. Specifically, every brand is advocating their position on a range of issues spanning sustainable business practices, diversity in hiring, ethical sourcing and environmental friendliness. In this main stage panel, you’ll hear from executives at Facebook’s Amtrak and Aetna who will discuss how they are advocating purpose-driven communications strategies and measuring brand impact across their various stakeholder segments.

Impress the Corner Office: Reporting with Confidence to the C-Suite in Times of Crisis and Opportunity

Communications and marketing teams are now the protectors of corporate brand reputation. With this formidable responsibility, organizations must regularly report to the C-Suite and Board on topics such as brand health, risk mitigation or crisis remediation. How do you report to the C-Suite on time — with accurate and actionable information? In this session, IBM and Business Roundtable executives will provide their insights on how top brands can empower the C-Suite with timely and actionable reporting to make decisions.

Hype or Happening? How AI and Analytics are Transforming Marketing

Nearly forty percent of marketers say artificial intelligence, machine learning, or deep learning will be the most transformative technology for marketers in the coming year. Yet what’s the truth vs. the hype? Learn how organizations plan to use AI and analytics to drive faster and more effective decision-making. This session features the Head of Social Technology and Insights at NVIDIA.

New Opportunity for Innovation: Government Relations and the Pivot to Data-Driven Decision-Making

For every large enterprise, the government represents a major stakeholder. New legislation, regulations, policy initiatives, and even the occasional Presidential Tweet can all impact brand reputation. In this session, learn from executives at Boeing, United Technologies and MSLGROUP on how modern government relations teams are leveraging social intelligence to engage key policymakers, craft strategy and drive advocacy campaigns.

A Brave New World: What Your Job Looks Like in 2018 (And Beyond)

The communication, PR and marketing disciplines are evolving rapidly. As digital transformation accelerates across the enterprise, what does the future hold for communication and PR teams? In this session, Fred Cook, Chairman of Golin and Director of USC Center of Public Relations, Annenberg will share the findings of its recent Global Communications Report. Based upon a poll of hundreds of public relations executives from around the world, Cook will present highlights of the 2018 Report which defines the future of the industry and those who will shape it.

The Zignal Summit promises to be a can’t miss event for marketing and communications professionals who want to learn how to use data to build and protect their brand. If you would like to request an invitation, click here.