Well maybe not the Holy Grail, but at least everything that’s ever happened on Twitter

The holy grail for communications and marketing professionals is an instant insight into consumer attitudes on any topic. Teams settle for media monitoring tools that capture a predetermined set of information, yet something that no one anticipated pops up more than people would like to think. The #TidePodChallenge? No one at Procter & Gamble could have predicted that trend, but I’m sure everyone within the company would’ve liked to know its’ origins a lot sooner than they did.

Imagine the ability to search the archives of Twitter like a Google search. No complex boolean. No predicting the unpredictable. Zignal Discover takes the simplicity of Google and applies it to social analytics. Users can search the entire history of Twitter to perform ad hoc research, analyze market trends, identify the origins of unexpected events and compare share of voice against competitors for key topics.

Pinpoint the exact moment a hashtag was used for the first time

… Or find out someone’s used it before. If we were to throwback to the first #tbt, we instantly see the hashtag’s use hit an inflection point around March 2012. We also learn that usage has been on the decline in recent years.

Brands can use this information to find out if a hashtag or phrase associated with the company has been used before and how widely it was used. This can shape a crisis response plan if it was negative, guide marketing strategies based on what’s currently trending and validate theories about historical hashtag usage.

Quickly Compare Anything

Often a quick look at the number of mentions for competitors is all it takes. Did my competitors cover this topic? How much traction did their message receive? Share of voice shouldn’t be measured as the total number of mentions for a competitor compared to your brand — it should be measured across distinct topics. Tying a keyword to a competitor name gives immediate insight into what the competition is doing and if their messaging is successful.

Sometimes the deepest level of research on a topic necessary is merely surface level. Zignal Discover gives researchers and content creators the ability to answer any question they have quickly, so teams can take action faster.

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