As voters in 13 states head to the polls for Super Tuesday, we could be on the verge of two candidates essentially locking up their party’s nominations for president. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are poised to have big nights, or so the polls and pundits tell us.

Among Democrats, Bernie Sanders supporters expect their candidate to have a bad night. While on the GOP side, denial is giving way to something resembling acceptance as more Republicans come to grips with the fact that it may be impossible to stop Donald Trump.

So while Trump expects to be the big Republican story of the night, many eyes will be on Marco Rubio, who is seen by many mainstream Republicans as the best chance to stop Trump from locking down the nomination.

Last week, Rubio went on the attack, tearing into Trump in the last GOP debate and trying to out-Donald the Donald, resorting to personal attacks to try to gain some political traction.

But is it working?

Our analytics show that if nothing else, it certainly has more people on social media buzzing about Marco. 

Since the debate, Rubio mentions have surged on social media, vaulting him past Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. From Jan. 1-Feb. 25, Cruz received more Twitter mentions than Rubio. But since the Thursday debate, Cruz has received more attention that Cruz on social media.

Below are two comparison maps. The first is a state-by-state Twitter mention breakdown from Jan 1-Feb 25. The second is Feb 26-29.

Is this the fading of Ted Cruz? A surge in #MarcoMentum? Or simply the last gasp of two dying campaigns destined to be remembered as historical footnotes?

Tonight, we will see whether or not Rubio’s new attack dog strategy will translate into votes, or if its enough to even solidify a second-place standing to warrant soldiering on beyond Tuesday. But in the meantime, social media has obviously taken notice.

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