At Zignal, we are committed to helping communicators and brand leaders thrive in the modern media landscape. While many brand leaders have started leveraging next-gen media and data analytics solutions to help augment their work, these solutions are only as good as the training brand leaders receive on them.

That’s why Zignal is proud to offer Zignal University, Zignal Labs’ bespoke training program that helps brands leaders take full advantage of the powerful possibilities provided by Zignal Labs’ solutions. We spoke with Benedikt Parstorfer, Zignal’s Customer Training guru, to learn more about Zignal University.

1. What is Zignal University?

Zignal University is Zignal Labs’ customer education powerhouse. Through engaging on-demand trainings and premium workshops, we strive to enable our customers to more successfully utilize Zignal Labs’ solutions to power their day-to-day work.

2. What was the inspiration behind developing Zignal University?

Being in the know about how one’s brand is perceived across the entire media spectrum has never been more important. While Zignal helps brand leaders quickly detect potential reputational risks, identify influencers or gain market and competitive intelligence, I believe that training plays an essential role in how much value our users actually get from what’s in front of them. 

We know that brand leaders are busier than ever, so we have created an extensive online learning platform that supports our customers throughout the entirety of their learning journey – available to all of our customers at no additional cost. 

In addition, while there are enough courses and training videos to learn the platform’s capabilities at your own pace, we also offer private and custom workshops (both in-person and virtual) that are directly tailored to your needs.

3. How does Zignal University help brand leaders become more successful?

Zignal University supports brand leaders every step of the way. By training customers to fully leverage Zignal’s capabilities for their unique use cases and challenges, we help our customers become media analytics experts. That’s why every private workshop is fully customized to each brand leader’s needs and why we constantly update our online learning platform with new content.

What’s more, with the launch of our product certification program – our Zertification – we’ve given our more experienced users the opportunity to gain official recognition of their skills in media analytics through our solution. Everyone who successfully completes our online assessment receives a unique Zertificate. I’ve already added mine to my LinkedIn profile :). 

4. How can I get started?

The best way to get started is with our “Zignal 101: Fundamentals” training, which is available to all customers as part of our online learning offering. 

We’ve also just launched a brand new offering through Zignal University, called Training Days. Training Days are regional, all-day, in-person workshops that are open to all of our customers. On top of providing attendees with an in-person learning experience, Training Days also give everyone the opportunity to network with and learn from other brand leaders, ultimately building a community of Zignal users to facilitate peer learning. 

We’re kicking things off with three Training Days in 2019: New York (Oct. 15), San Francisco (Nov. 14) and Washington D.C. (Dec. 4). For more info and tickets, please check out our Eventbrite page. 

Questions about Zignal University and our offerings? Please reach out to