WorkWise is a new feature within the Zignal Enterprise platform that allows cross-functional teams to work within a collaborative environment and add custom attributes or annotations to stories.

When would I use WorkWise?

  • You want to express subtle differences in sentiment between stories because one story might be very positive, while another is only somewhat positive.
  • You want to add parameters to ingested stories that Zignal doesn’t provide — such as prominence, topics or risk — to perform competitive analysis over time.
  • You want to categorize customers’ complaints that have inbounded via social media once you’ve reached out to them, this way you can organize complaints to get at the root of the problem.
  • You want to create an efficient workflow that makes sure a story is read by specific people or departments in a well-defined order. This way, no one is stepping on each other’s toes.


How can I start using WorkWise?

To enable WorkWise, login and create a case in the Help Portal. Your Customer Success Manager will follow up with next steps. Once enabled, WorkWise can be found in the Newsroom. A WorkWise link is located in each Source box.

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