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From the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change and beyond, conspiracy theories and falsehoods are taking root in major media narratives every day – and brands are finding themselves unexpectedly pulled in. Those who expect mis- and disinformation to remain confined to online message boards and social media threads might be in for an unpleasant surprise. The last year has seen mis- and disinformation jump from the online world to the physical one – in some big ways. 

One lesson we’ve learned in 2020 is that this issue is not likely to go away in 2021. Risk and communications professionals should be putting a lot of thought into how to combat mis- and disinformation. A good starting point? Making sure you have narrative intelligence resources in place to detect emerging narratives while it’s still early enough to take control of them. 

To help with this essential work, Zignal has started compiling our guidance on how to get ahead of potential mis- and disinformation narratives in a new designated Resource Center. If you’re ready to sharpen your tools for taking control of the narrative in the face of mis- and disinformation, head to the Resource Center to get started.

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Featured Resource: A New Virtual Town Hall on Mis- and Disinformation

Visiting the Resource Center will, among other things, allow you to watch the recording of our January 27 Town Hall, hosted by Zignal’s Head of Insights and CCO Jennifer Granston, on how to take control of mis- and disinformation with narrative intelligence. In the Town Hall, Jennifer was joined by expert guests for a robust discussion on what has become one of the most pressing issues for risk and communications professionals.

Register: Take Control of Disinformation Crises with Media Intelligence virtual town hall

This wasn’t the first time Jennifer has shown her expertise on mis- and disinformation. Earlier this fall, she addressed the subject at two virtual events: Digital Marketing for Financial Services and Ragan Crisis Communications. Watch the January Town Hall for an even  deeper dive into the impact of mis- and disinformation – and how businesses can combat it.

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The $1 Million Question When Combating Mis- and Disinformation

Not every mis- or disinformation scenario is alike. Before you respond to an emerging narrative, you first need to determine if that narrative does, in fact, warrant a response. As you explore the guidance in the Resource Center, remember to approach each mis- or disinformation scenario with the following question:

Is the narrative merely questionable? Or is it wrong enough to warrant action?

Understanding how to combat mis- and disinformation depends on understanding what’s happening as it happens. When an issue arises, be sure you have: 

  • The information you need to identify an unverified narrative.
  • The data to establish that it’s an issue that demands a response. 

Use the narrative intelligence resources available to you to gather this knowledge. Then, if warranted, take swift action to be the credible voice. 

We hope you find the Resource Center useful, and that you learn a lot from the town hall and the other resources available there. In the meantime, to learn how Zignal Labs can provide the narrative intelligence you need to understand and respond to emerging narratives, get in touch today.