With the launch of our Zignal Command Center last September, today we are happy to announce not one, but TWO upcoming additions to the Zignal Labs family of products. Both offer solutions that enable users to view custom media insights in exciting new ways.

Zignal Mobile Command Center

For any Zignal Command Center user, the ability to visualize media insights and events unfold across multiple screens is a core benefit. The ability to do this can now be taken anywhere with the Zignal Mobile Command Center family of solutions.

Zignal Mobile Command Center solutions may be either delivered or installed on-location, in the form of standalone 2-4 screen units or as part of a video wall comprised of as many as 16 screens.

Perfect for offices, tradeshows and more, these screens appeal to the eye for public viewing, while accurately performing the same analysis and visualization of other popular Zignal Labs products. Additionally, portable power and enclosed internet connectivity is also possible with Zignal Mobile Command Center.

As stated by Zignal Labs President, Adam Beaugh: “Over the past six months, we have tested rapid deployment of Zignal Command Center at events and in other remote settings. Giving our customers the technical confidence to provide immediate insights to teams in the field is no longer a luxury, but an essential need.”

Zignal Command Controller

The Zignal Command Controller, allows users to control and modify what is displayed on a Zignal Command Center from any location and from multiple devices.

While it can be used on any device, the Zignal Command Controller is optimized for use on wireless touchscreen displays, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Users can build and preview displays for Zignal Command Center and control dashboards from almost anywhere. For customers who have a Zignal Command Center in several different permanent locations, the controllereliminates the need for personnel to travel.

We recently introduced the initial version for the Zignal Command Controller at The Newseum, an interactive museum of news and journalism located in Washington D.C. Each day, hundreds of exhibit visitors have had the opportunity to interact with the Zignal Command Center, customizing it via “remote control” to view their preferred display of 2016 Presidential Election insights:

Customer use of Zignal Command Controller is currently slated for mid-July 2016. If you are a current customer, please contact your Customer Success Manager or message us at hello@zignallabs.com to inquire about your opportunity to leverage either of these products.