If there’s one thing for certain in today’s world, it’s that data analytics are no longer optional for successful brands. With 24/7 news cycles, nearly half of the world’s population engaged in social media and the rise of disinformation, the volume and complexity of media data across the world are growing at an unimaginable rate.

More importantly, hidden within that data are vast treasure troves of information and insights that can help you more quickly and strategically identify opportunities to build and protect your brand.

But according to a recent Analytic Services Pulse Survey from The Harvard Business Review, while “86% of organizations responding say the ability to extract new value and insights from existing data/analytics applications is very important, only 30% are very effective at doing so.”

What’s more, according to the same study, “just 28% of organizations are focused on new business model creation using data.” While many organizations have already embraced baseline data analytics to power their businesses, relying on current programs – likely rooted in already outdated concepts – to take you into the future is not enough.

Your Data Analytics Roadmap

To keep up with the pace of change, you need to already be thinking about how you can transform your current data analytics program – and, as a result, your communications strategy – into a future-thinking powerhouse to drive your business forward.

As you think about your data-driven roadmap for the next decade, here are three must-know data analytics trends for 2020 and beyond – and what they mean for your communications efforts.

IDC predicts that by 2025, 30% of all data created will be real-time – more than double the amount in 2017. And let’s face it – even if data isn’t being created in real time, it’s moving in real time.

Having the ability to capture and interpret data in real time is critical to maintaining continuous intelligence (read: situational awareness) about your brand. This intelligence, in turn, allows you to shape the narrative around your brand in real time.

In other words, continuous intelligence gives you the insights you need to action agile storytelling, whether it’s proactively identifying crises or building a real-time thought leadership network.


  • Embrace change management. Whether it’s developing a joint, real-time marketing and PR team or breaking down silos elsewhere in your organization, create an organizational structure that can easily and nimbly adjust to action insights from data.
  • Invest in the right technology. Not every solution has the capacity to interpret real-time data from across the media spectrum. Platforms like Zignal Labs’ Media Intelligence Cloud allow you to analyze data in real time, helping to better inform your decision-making process.
  • Build the right process. When you have the right pieces in place to action data and frame your brand’s narrative, don’t rely just on technology to tell your brand’s story – blend analytics with your experience as a seasoned communications leader to correctly interpret and deploy data-driven insights with your business.

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