Marketing and communications teams are entrusted with protecting a company’s brand reputation, but accurately measuring and calibrating the true value of a brand can be time-consuming process prone to errors. This is especially true when combining data across departments, brands and regions. Zignal Brand 360 simplifies this challenging process by rolling up profiles across the enterprise to present accurate and complete reporting of reputation and brand performance.

Save time and increase reporting accuracy

Manually curating, exporting and aggregating data for further analysis is prone to error and incredibly time-consuming. Zignal has developed a fast and easy way to eliminates this painstaking process by allowing the user the luxury of doing it all within the Zignal Enterprise platform.

Combine data from across the organization for a holistic view of brand performance

Whether you are combining data to report on regional business units or aggregating metrics to analyze different audience segments, now you can use Zignal Brand 360 to individual profiles into a collection of profiles. So instead of seeing the business broken out by geographical region, you can easily roll-up those datasets to report on the organization as a whole. “The global companies we represent have been looking for a way to roll-up complex data from social and traditional news media,” says Patrick Hunton, Senior Product Manager. “Brand 360 provides better visibility into audiences, sub-brands, regions and more and the effect they have on the larger organization.”

Additional content and understanding produces more informed decisions

Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies are not only incredibly complex in their media needs; they must track multiple topics and multiple sources ranging from influential bloggers to Twitter to traditional news media and these topics and sources vary by geography, product line, sub-brand and more.

Keeping ahead of the curve requires the real-time visibility and analysis on both the micro and macro level. Zignal Brand 360 capabilities allow large enterprises to quickly put must-know information into the hands of critical stakeholders and quickly ascertain top versus underperforming units or brands, see regional differences and ensure everyone operates from a foundation of shared understanding.

Start using Zignal Brand 360 today

Starting today, Brand 360 is available to all Zignal customers. Reach out to your customer success manager to gain a consolidated view of your organization’s data and benefit from insight into media metrics to help inform strategy.