There’s no denying it – corporate social responsibility (CSR) is hot. A win-win-win strategy that benefits companies, employees and society alike, CSR is the ultimate brand-boosting strategy for modern companies.

The problem? Brands eager to jump on the CSR bandwagon are employing less-than-modern CSR strategies and quickly finding their initiatives beleaguered by problems with execution, impact or negative reception from an increasingly discerning public.

Here are three top tips for deploying a killer CSR or purpose-led strategy in our modern media landscape:

  1. Be authentic. Consumers are smart. If you execute a slap-dash initiative just to hop on a trending topic, consumers will recognize the lack of effort for what it is – a cheap marketing ploy. Start with an intentional approach and you’ll find an authentic strategy.
  2. Think smart. Be strategic about the CSR initiatives and purpose you choose to pursue. Choose an initiative that makes sense for your company and ties back to the company’s values and mission.
  3. Embrace data. While CSR as a whole is more of a qualitative concept, its execution doesn’t need to be. Smart data from media analytics platforms like Zignal Labs can help with the selection and development of a CSR or purpose-led strategy, its successful deployment, measurement of impact and ongoing maintenance.

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