Here at Zignal Labs, we’re always working to make your data-driven world (and work) better, smarter and faster than ever before. As part of that mission, we’re happy to announce that we’ve upgraded one of the most popular features of our Media Intelligence Cloud: Smart Filters.

We <3 Smart Filters

You already love Smart Filters because they help you to more efficiently dissect and analyze the data important to your brand. No matter where you are in the Zignal platform, Smart Filters allow you to create and save unique searches that give you the superpower to do things like: 

  1. Track every aspect of a product launch to better understand your customers and competitors.
  2. Explore a sub-topic in an industry conversation to determine the impact on your brand.
  3. Filter your content by a certain language or location to compare different regions side by side.
  4. Analyze activity around specific authors or domains to help identify influencers.

The only problem with these smart little search queries? Notoriously modest, Smart Filters can sometimes be difficult to find, hidden away in your campaign settings or behind multi-step creation processes. 

Smart Filters Front and Center

You shouldn’t have to play Where’s Waldo every time you want to use your Smart Filters, so we’ve made it easier than ever to create, duplicate and edit Smart Filters directly in dashboards and reports. That means fewer clicks, less frustration and more time spent conquering your workflow.

Here’s how it works:

Look for the New Smart Filter selector next to the Profile selector at the top of any dashboard or report. Click on the dropdown and select a Smart Filter to apply it to your entire dashboard.

Want to duplicate or tweak a Smart Filter? Click on the little icons on the right side of each Filter name to make changes.

Ready to create a new Smart Filter? Click on ‘Create New’ at the bottom of the Smart Filter selector.

The new Smart Filter pane will pop up on the right hand of your screen, allowing you to create a new filter and then get back to your work, all in the same screen.

Have more questions about how to find and use Smart Filters? Curious to learn how you can leverage Smart Filters (and the rest of the Zignal Labs Media Intelligence Cloud) to build and protect your brand? Get in touch with our team today to learn more.