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Here’s what was trending on Twitter from June 6th to June 12th, 2019.


The Five Most-Talked-About News Stories of the Week


  1. Millennial dads have pathetic DIY skills compared to baby boomers | New York Post
  2. London to get ‘world’s first’ infinity pool with 360-degree views | CNN
  3. A wealthy Iraqi sheikh who urges a hard-line U.S. approach to Iran spent 26 nights at Trump’s D.C. hotel | The Washington Post
  4. Mexico agreed to take border actions months before Trump announced tariff deal | The New York Times
  5. Climate change could end human civilization by 2050: report | New York Post

The top story of the week, which inspired the week’s top tweet plus a million jokes about programming the DVR, is about how millennial dads can’t hold a candle (or any kind of powertool) to the boomer generation when it comes to making home repairs. Other hot-button issues included two stories about the Trump administration, a first-of-its kind infinity pool in London, and the end of human civilization as we know it in just over 30 years. No word on whether millennial DIY is to blame for that last one, though.


The 10 Most Influential Authors of the Week


  1. CNN
  2. The New York Times
  3. The Washington Post
  4. Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1)
  5. CNN International
  6. NBC News
  7. Bloomberg
  8. Reuters Top News
  9. MSNBC
  10. CNN en Español

CNN retained its stranglehold on the most influential author category, while its international and Spanish-language accounts also cracked the top 10. MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin is the sole non-news organization account to appear in the top 10 this week, on the back of a prolific number of tweets about–you guessed it–breaking news.


The Five Most Shared Tweets of the Week


Two of this week’s top five tweets are direct, somewhat snarky responses to the NY Post’s article about the relative merits of millennial and boomer DIY skills. Another two are responses to top articles about climate change and President Trump’s hotel guests, while Chris Evans earns the rare honor of a tweet with enough staying power to hit the top five for a second straight week.

1. Proof that millennials can hit the nail on the head

2. A comic take on the importance of dealing with climate change

3. A Washington Post reporter’s analysis of guests at the President’s hotel

4. More Boomer DIY-related snark

5. A second week in the top 5 for Chris Evans’ viral ‘Straight Pride Parade’ response

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Methodology: The data which drives this series, provided by the Zignal Labs platform, is informed by a 10% sampling of Twitter activity around news stories published from June 6, 2019 to June 12, 2019. Stories are published by 25 of the most highly-read publications across the country (based on circulation data), including: ABC News, Bloomberg, The Boston Globe, CBS News, The Chicago Tribune, CNN, The Dallas Morning News, The Denver Post, Fox News, The Houston Chronicle, Huffington Post, The LA Times, MSNBC, NBC News, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, The New York Times, Newsday, Reuters, The Seattle Times, The Star Tribune, The Tampa Bay News, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

The “Top 5 Most-Talked-About Stories of the Week” are the five stories from the above-mentioned publications that received the most mentions across Twitter from June 6, 2019 to June 12, 2019, ranked by number of mentions from that date range.

The “Top 10 Most Influential Authors of the Week “ are the ten authors who saw the most engagement on Twitter around Tweets related to news stories published by the above-mentioned publications from June 6, 2019 to June 12, 2019, ranked by number of engagements from that date range.

The “Top Five Most Shared Tweets of the Week” are the five Tweets, related to news stories published by the above-mentioned publications from June 6, 2019 to June 12, 2019, that received the most Retweets, ranked by number of Retweets from that date range.