A new social media account is created every 13.5 seconds. While the exponential growth in data sharing brings more opportunities to reach your target audience online, it also increases the volume of potential threats.

When your team needs to decide how or if to take action in real time, how can you begin to make sense of the countless media data points circulating about your organization online?

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Comparison View – an enhanced visual indicator for select Zignal Enterprise widgets that automatically displays the change in conversation volume or sentiment between two time periods and triggers an alert when custom-set thresholds are met.

Put large data volumes in context

As publicly available information propagates online, Zignal’s Narrative Intelligence Cloud is built to ingest it – at the rate of 5,000 media stories and posts per second, to be exact. This real-time data pipeline is necessary when you’re responsible for the reputation of a Fortune 500 company or the protection of a VIP executive. But more importantly, any rapid spike or decline in data volume could be an early signal that your team needs to make a strategic or tactical shift – fast.

Zignal’s Comparison View allows teams to put large volumes of data mentioning an organization, individual, or asset of interest in context. Within each Zignal Enterprise data visualization or “widget,” the delta indicator displays the percentage change in online conversation volume or sentiment in your search query compared to a preset or custom-set time range. Whether you’re looking to compare one crisis event to the next or gain a sustained understanding of the media environment for daily operations, Comparison View makes it all possible much faster than before.

Track continuous performance

Measuring performance week over week or quarter to quarter? Comparison View eliminates the time-consuming process of calculating deviations for a critical campaign or event.

When it comes time to share these insights with other members of the team or even with other outside stakeholders in your organization, Comparison View provides all of the same benefits you’ve come to expect from existing visualizations in Zignal Enterprise. Widgets enabled with Comparison View can be easily added to shareable, interactive dashboards or reports.

Trigger faster and better collaboration

When your team is responsible for monitoring several data feeds on a daily basis, Comparison View’s threshold alerting feature ensures any anomalous changes in online activity won’t slip through the cracks. Following a crisis event or high-stakes situation, your team can also assess existing thresholds and reset alert triggers to meet the demands of your organization’s internal response procedures.

Ready for a new view?

Comparison View is now available in select Zignal Enterprise widgets. Request a demo today to see how it can help your organization stay ahead in the ever-evolving media environment.