Lights, red carpet, Oscars! ?

The 2016 Academy Awards are taking place this Sunday, and we’ve been tracking all of the Oscar buzz over the last two weeks.

Will Leo finally take home Oscar gold? Which of the 8 Best Picture nominees will score top honors?

At the end of the day, it is the Academy that decides who wins what. And not to steal any of their thunder, but sometimes, winning the night along the red carpet and among the gossip mill can be just as big as winning a trophy!

Who has been most atop the noise over the last few weeks? Let’s take a look ?

Best Supporting Actor & Actress

Already winning a Golden Globe for her role in Steve Jobs, Kate Winslet is making the most noise among Best Supporting Actress nominees….

…and it is a close race between Spotlight‘s Mark Ruffalo and Creed‘s Mark Rylance: 

Best Actor & Actress

Among Best Actress nominees, three contenders are outperforming the rest in terms of mention volume. Academy Award winners Jennifer Lawrence and Cate Blanchett lead in mentions, alongside newcomer Brie Larson:
While Larson has been sweeping the 2016 award season for her performance in Room, can she compete with the star power of Lawrence and Blanchett? We will have to wait and see.

As for the Best Actor camp, one person has been on everyone’s mind — Leo.

With five previous nominations under his belt, many are hopeful (especially Leo) that this will finally be his year. And based on the Oscar conversation over from the last few weeks, he is undoubtedly dominating the conversation:

Best Picture

Alongside Leo, will his film, The Revenant, win the biggest award of the night? In terms of how people are talking about it, the movie is carrying 37% of the Best Picture conversation:

While our data cannot fully predict how each contender will fare, Oscar conversation does provide some insight on how the general public is discussing the Academy Awards.

Be sure to tune in Sunday to see if any of the buzz translates into Oscar gold!