Do you need real-time situational awareness as an event or crisis unfolds? Most organizations would answer yes, but often end up with intelligence solutions that only allow them to piece everything together after the fact. 

Zignal’s Narrative Intelligence Cloud was built in and for the “war room” – first serving U.S. presidential election candidates as they watched millions of social media conversations stream in during high-pressure debates, and is now just as integral to 24/7 watchfloor operations in government agencies and the C-Suites of Fortune 500 companies during high-risk events. 

Whether you’re in the boardroom or the war room, leadership needs to know what’s happening in real time in order to decide – rapidly and with confidence – how their team should take action. However, even the best-prepared teams need tools that require minimal setup and training to get immediate results, especially when every second counts. 

That is why we’re so excited to announce the launch of an enhanced version of Zignal Discover – an instant search engine across all of the media sources in Zignal’s real-time and historical data pipeline. Just like the rest of the Zignal platform, Zignal Discover ingests full-fidelity data feeds with minimal delay between the moment content is published and displayed on your screen. 

Everyone is an analyst 

The media monitoring and open source intelligence tools you might be using today likely require a skilled analyst working behind the scenes. Zignal Discover is designed for simple searches when you need information fast, and provides guidance for complex Boolean strings when greater granularity is required. Within a few clicks, any member of the organization can understand how an online conversation is trending, and how it compares to similar events in the past.

Distill large datasets  

When searching across multiple years of historical data, an endless list of the stories, posts, and data points that match your query only adds more analysis time that you don’t have. In addition to volumetric line charts, the new version of Zignal Discover now includes an analysis tab with embedded data visualizations for everything from real-time trending stories, top influencers, word clouds, topics and entities wheel charts, and more. Connecting rapid search capabilities with lightning speed context allows your team to quickly gain real-time situational awareness and formulate a plan for how you plan to take action. 

Connecting an initial discovery to the bigger picture

As a crisis event unfolds, your team may decide to monitor the situation more thoroughly before kick-starting a response plan. Unlike most media search engines available today, Zignal Discover is part of a fully integrated platform, enabling teams to connect an initial discovery to deeper analysis and evidence gathering, without switching screens or cross-referencing different datasets. 

With these enhanced capabilities, Zignal customers can now immediately turn any Discover query into a Zignal Enterprise search profile to populate existing dashboards, reports, and alerts. These same queries can even be examined in other Zignal Workbench tools like Influence Intelligence, where analysts can conduct a complete network analysis of likely automated or inauthentic drivers of online conversations surrounding an event. 

Ready to Discover more? 

The enhanced version of Zignal Discover is now available to communications and security professionals operating around the clock. Request a demo today to see how Zignal can help every member of your organization gain immediate and valuable insights – in real time.