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"When I came to LendingClub, I knew we had to implement [Zignal] immediately... Zignal pulls in situational media — broadcast, news media, social and more — for a well-rounded view of the brand; no one else pulls in that much data."

Anuj Nayar
VP and Head of Communications, LendingClub

"Zignal has allowed us to be more efficient in how we're both tracking and reporting. There have been at least four instances that I saved tremendous amounts of time and actually saved money."

David Patton
Director, Digital Media, Vulcan Inc.

"Using Zignal’s platform, we were able to take the unvarnished, unmediated conversations real people were having around the opioid crisis on social media, compare that to the uni-directional messaging from traditional media sources and make sense of them both."

Dr. Joe Smyser
CEO, The Public Good Projects

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