Mis- and Disinformation Resources to Help You Control the Narrative

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the social justice movement, climate change to the election, narratives driven by conspiracy theories and unverified information have become pervasive across media. How will you respond if your business is pulled into one of these narratives?

With unprecedented volumes of data spreading more rapidly than ever, identifying and getting ahead of potentially negative narratives before they fully emerge – and damage your business – has become a necessity for all companies. Early narrative awareness, driven by real-time narrative intelligence, is the key to this new paradigm.

Dive into the resources below to better understand the current narrative landscape, and learn how narrative intelligence can help you spot and analyze the origin, evolution, and spread of malign narratives as they develop.

What if you could get ahead of the story – and spot negative narratives so that you can counter them as they arise?

Zignal Labs does not make determinations as to whether a story or narrative is mis- or disinformation; we are unable to make determinations through our platform as to the truth of or intent behind a story. Zignal is able to track narratives of all kinds; the actual determination of a story’s truth or intent is beyond our scope.

Protecting Your Business from Narrative-Borne Threats

Zignal’s Head of Insights and CCO Jennifer Granston hosts expert guests to discuss how to protect your business with early intelligence and narrative awareness.

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When Narratives Threaten Your Business

In this 5-minute video, Zignal’s Head of Insights and CCO Jennifer Granston explores the narratives that made 2020 the year of the infodemic, and how brands can protect themselves against narrative-borne threats.

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Owning the Narrative

In this ultimate guide, learn what narrative-borne risks can cost brands, and get five tips to help you get ahead of and fight back against narrative-borne threats.


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