Zignal Labs Summit 2019

April 24-25th | Hotel Nikko

"I would recommend Zignal Summit. There's a lot of good conversations about marketing, corporate communications, public affairs -- all working together to support and promote a brand."

Doug Duvall
VP of Corporate Communications, Amtrak

"I would absolutely recommend Zignal Summit to any data-driven marketing and communications professional who wants to learn more about trends, technology and best practices. It's an absolute must."

"I attended Zignal Summit to network with my peers in the industry and meet Zignal's product team to understand the latest innovations and offerings."

Zignal Summit 2019


Zignal Summit 2019 is the premier gathering of communications and marketing professionals focused on building stronger brands through intelligent communications strategies. The event will bring together some of the world’s most innovative communicators to challenge, inspire, and energize each other.

The new two-day agenda will include:


Keynotes from industry luminaries


Hands-on training sessions that are only available at Summit


Breakout sessions with actionable takeaways

Case Studies

Best practices and case studies

2019 Featured Speakers

Zignal Summit will feature top industry leaders from the communications and marketing, social media, analytics and digital strategy disciplines. Through keynote presentations, case studies and focused breakouts, Zignal Summit will educate and inspire attendees to build stronger brands through intelligent communications strategies

Check back regularly as we add more speakers to the agenda.

Carlisle Campbell

Carlisle Campbell

Vice President, Capital One

David Patton

David Patton

Director, Digital Media, Vulcan Inc.

2019 Agenda

We invite you to join us at Zignal Summit, April 24 and 25. At this gathering of communications and marketing professionals, you will learn best practices to navigate an unpredictable media landscape, mitigate digital risks and build trust across your audiences. Hands-on product training is available on Wednesday, April 24 for an additional cost when you purchase a full conference pass. Whether you’re a beginning, intermediate or advanced user, you’ll get the chance to deep-dive with our Zignal experts and up your media intelligence game with this day of product training.

Day 1 | Hands-on Product Training

Competitive and Market Intelligence

Discover best practices for using Zignal Enterprise to glean actionable market and competitive intelligence.

Become a Profile Wizard

Let’s face it, setting up profiles can be a struggle. In this workshop, our Implementation experts will give you their tips and tricks for setting up a profile and teach you how to do your own complex searches with ease. In other words, they’ll make you profile wizards.

Audience and Influencer Detection, Segmentation and Analysis

Roll up your sleeves and learn how to identify, segment, compare and analyze the influencers that really matter to your industry and key topics.

Advanced Insights from Specific Data Sources

One of Zignal Enterprise’s greatest strengths is the variety of our data source. The mix of traditional media and social allows you to get the full story and see how news travels from earned to social and back. This workshop will discuss the characteristics of these sources, and how you make sure you get the best insights possible from them.

Crisis Detection, Brand and Reputation Management

When it comes to crises, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” for most brands. We’ll show you how to prepare for and react to known and unknown risks so you can preserve your brand’s health and reputation and get ahead of potential crises before they wreak havoc.

Zignal Brand 360: Cross-Campaign Insights at your Fingertips

Campaigns help you organize profiles, dashboards, reports and more. But what if you need a more consolidated view of data across business units, brands, corporate initiatives or geographies to get the full picture? Come gain experience on Zignal Brand 360 for a complete view of all your campaigns — essentially everything going on around your organization by opening up a new world of analysis.

Zignal Challenge: Leverage your Zignal Enterprise Platform

It’s time to bring everyone back together. In our first official Zignal Challenge, training day participants will work together to incorporate everything they’ve learned over the course of the day to leverage the power of Zignal, applied to a real-life scenario.

Day 2 | Zignal Summit 2019

General Session

Breakout Sessions

General Session

Cocktail Reception


Zignal Summit 2019 will be held at the Hotel Nikko San Francisco on Wednesday, April 24th and Thursday, April 25th. Beautifully remodeled in 2018, Hotel Nikko is centrally located in the heart of Union Square, surrounded by charming shops, boutiques and some of the city’s most talked-about restaurants. The Hotel Nikko is at the center of what makes San Francisco one of the most vibrant, beautiful cities in the world.


We are still accepting speaker proposals for Zignal Summit 2019. Through panels, keynote presentations and focused breakouts, we are looking for speakers to inspire and educate attendees. Do you have a story to share? Submit your session proposal.

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As one of Zignal Summit 2019’s select sponsors, your brand will gain exposure to over 250 communications and marketing executives from some of the world’s largest enterprises. The Partner Pavillion will house a select group of highly valued sponsors who will have the opportunity to create meaningful discussions with our exclusive audience. You won’t want to miss out!

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