Predictive Analytics

Anticipate Risk, Optimize Outcomes and Drive Smarter Decisions

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Overcome Data Overload

Zignal’s predictive analytics capabilities are embedded within the Zignal Enterprise Platform and addresses the data overload facing today’s marketing and communications teams. Based upon AI and machine-learning technology, Zignal detects, collects and analyzes billions of data points in real-time, incorporating traditional, digital, broadcast and social sources. Zignal quickly sorts, understands and analyzes this digital content at a pace impossible for humans – while simultaneously surfacing what’s relevant and actionable.

Predict Outcomes. Make Decisions With Confidence.

Through historical pattern analysis, Zignal identifies and summarizes emerging events, and predicts incoming volume of conversations. Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques also provide insights and context — all visualized within intuitive dashboards that surface emerging themes, influencers or narratives.

A Platform that Gets Smarter With You

Artificial Intelligence won’t replace common marketing functions managed by humans. Rather, AI will enable marketing effectiveness and works best when operating in tandem with human-assisted intelligence. Zignal WorkWise™ supports this vision and enables users to collaborate across distributed teams and add custom attributes, such as nuanced sentiment scores, domain expertise or brand themes, to media stories. This human-assisted intelligence also flows back into the machine learning engine within the platform, a loop that supports constant improvement of its machine learning.

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