Customizable Reports, Scheduled Briefings and Alerts Timely and accurate reporting and notification of news, coverage and earned media

Tracking, reporting, and notification of earned media coverage can be a painstaking – and often error-prone – process. Zignal quickly allows teams to be alerted to threats, opportunities or potential issues and quickly customize accurate reports to be shared with executives and other departments. 

Scheduled Briefings sends automated emails of earned media coverage, story placements, competitive news and other relevant content. In seconds, users can quickly generate reports based upon a variety of parameters. Briefings can be scheduled hourly, daily or multiple times a day or week.

  • During a crisis, receive an hourly report of all mentions about your brand
  • Receive a daily report of the last 24 hours of news that mentions your competition
  • Get notified when a publication mentions your brand or CEO in an article
  • Receive an email when customers start talking about a competitor’s recall
  • Generate early-warning alerts when your brand is mentioned concurrently with a harmful topic (i.e. data breach or hack)

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