Newsroom Your intelligent media repository

Zignal Newsroom is the intelligent repository for all your relevant media coverage and conversations.

Within the Zignal Newsroom, stories are aggregated across media, spanning news, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, television, LexisNexis and social video. Browse and explore the important coverage for real-time insights and then quickly create, customize and disseminate Reading Lists of media activity. Layer Zignal’s Smart Filters on the Newsroom to achieve the most granular view; drill-down based on keywords, sentiment, country, language, influencers, and more. Global business units and organizations will appreciate the instant translation of dozens of languages.

  • Identify high influencers actively engaging with your brand by quoting your tweets
  • Analyze only the stories related to an emerging crisis
  • Segment stories by location so regional teams can understand conversations in their markets
  • Select and present all stories related to an acquisition, crisis, campaign or event
  • Create a curated list of mentions about your brand for a specified period of time

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