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Zignal Command Center

Mission Control for Narrative Intelligence

Bring together the power of people, process, and data
Zignal Command Center creates a common operating model for teams to collaborate, make faster decisions, and plan strategically. Stunning, data-driven visualizations deliver the real-time narrative intelligence.

Powered by Zignal Enterprise

Zignal Command Center utilizes our core platform to further enhance data insights and drive better decision making, across organizations.

Collaborate better across teams

Easily share data across departments and teams to align on strategies and benefit from the same data and intelligence, company-wide.

Customize your experience

Choose the visual experience to meet your preference and needs — from your arrangement options to customer widgets, colors and more.

Where and how you want it

One screen, or eighteen? Conference room, “mission control,” or shipped to an event? With Zignal Command Center, you decide the scale and location.

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