Zignal Command Center

Mission Control for Narrative Intelligence

Unify the Power of People, Process, and Data
Zignal Command Center provides a common, real-time operating picture for teams on the ground, in the office, or at events to make faster decisions about the narrative environment.

Powered by Zignal Enterprise

Zignal Command Center displays narrative insights from our core platform to drive better decision-making across Communications, Risk, Compliance, and Security teams.

Break Down Silos

Easily share intelligence about the narratives that matter, enabling Communications and Risk professionals to jointly assess threats and opportunities.

Customize Your Experience

Choose the visual experience to meet your operational preferences and needs — from layout options to data visualization style, colors, and more.

Where and How You Want It

One screen, or eighteen? Conference room, or the Situation Room? With Zignal Command Center, you decide the scale and location.

See Zignal in Action

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