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Zignal Discover

Instant Search. Instant Insights.

Inform launches, content, competitive and brand activities
Zignal Discover lets you search the entire history of Twitter for valuable and immediate insights.

Search and Analyze Twitter Conversations

Whether you’re researching the latest trending narrative or the history of a hashtag, Zignal Discover provides insight to inform strategy. Like Google for Twitter, it lets you instantly explore trends, conversations, topics, emojis and more.

Turn Information into Knowledge

Through simple or complex searches, you can validate or disprove assumptions and, support planning and agile content creation by seeing geographic differences in conversation, verified accounts only, stock price correlation, and more. Uncover endless opportunities to research narratives.

Compare Historic Data

Think that hashtag is original? Want to look at this history of a narrative? Zignal Discover lets you explore and compare multiple organizations, hashtags, topics, and terms to understand market trends, past performance, and the virality of conversation.

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