Zignal Emerging Narratives

Detect. Assess. Analyze. Act.
Zignal Emerging Narratives uncovers the top narratives that can impact your organization, even before those narratives have fully emerged. Key narrative insights – like stories, momentum, automation, and influencers – are updated in seconds.

Reduce Time to Intelligence

Identifying emerging narratives – rather than just individual stories or mentions – enables users to act immediately instead of having to manually parse through thousands of data points.

Mitigate Risk and Capitalize on Opportunities

Emerging Narratives removes the burden of identifying potential risks and opportunities, allowing users to more effectively and efficiently assess narratives by seeing their potential impact, nature, and source.

Prioritize by Impact

By displaying key emerging narratives (based on your organization’s profile) at the top of the Zignal Enterprise dashboard, and continually updating them based on real-time momentum, Emerging Narratives enables customers to identify the narratives with the most potential positive or negative impact.

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