Zignal Enterprise

Modern Media Intelligence Platform

Modern. Centralized. Definitive.
Zignal Enterprise is a modern media intelligence platform for communications, marketing and executive teams. Harnessing the power of real-time and predictive analytics, Zignal surfaces insights from news and conversations across the entire media spectrum, allowing teams to make faster decisions with confidence, achieve better outcomes and identify strategic opportunities.

The industry’s most intuitive and highly customizable analytics solution means you don’t have to be a data analyst to get the insights you need.

See where conversations are happening

Live, interactive maps display where conversations are taking place up to the split-second and how they are resonating across media.

Consolidated view of media analytics with Zignal Brand 360

Aggregate metrics across the enterprise to present accurate and complete reporting of reputation and brand performance. Read More

Gauge the impact of your news-making efforts

See how your communications strategy is playing out in the media with a standardized measurement method to help you save time, take corrective action and measure success.

Know the sentiment associated with your brand

Zignal delivers best-in-the-industry sentiment analysis so brands can understand how customers, influencers and key stakeholders feel about issues, products and much more.

Simplify reporting

Instantly create interactive, accurate, and customized reports that are easy to generate and share with your clients, executives and team.

Be on the alert

Create alerts based on timeframe, volume/threshold, issues or filters so you can be notified immediately, about the things that matter most.

Eliminate hours of manual research

Our next generation “clipping service” allows you to curate and circulate cross media stories. Then get those insights and trending stories directly in your email inbox automatically with Scheduled Briefings.

Identify & leverage influencers

Identify media and influencers driving a story; see the point of origin and how fast the story evolves.

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