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Zignal Enterprise

Narrative Intelligence for the Enterprise

Zignal’s Narrative Intelligence lets organizations manage the narratives that can help or harm them. With Zignal, users detect and mitigate narrative-borne threats, and capitalize on narrative-borne opportunities -- as they emerge in real time, and throughout the lifecycle of the narrative. Identifying the specific topics, people, and networks that drive the lifecycle of narratives, Narrative Intelligence gives users the early foresight and deep insight they need to manage narratives to their organization’s benefit.

See where narratives are forming

Live, interactive maps display where conversations are taking place up to the split-second – and how they are resonating across media.

Centralized narrative intelligence

Aggregate intelligence across the organization to present accurate and complete reporting.

Gauge the impact of your communications

See how your communications strategy is playing out in the media with a standardized measurement method to help you save time, take corrective action, and measure success.

Know the sentiment associated with your business

Zignal delivers best-in-the-industry sentiment analysis so businesses can understand how customers, influencers, and key stakeholders feel about issues, products and much more.

Simplify reporting

Instantly create interactive, accurate and customized reports that are easy to generate and share with your clients, executives and team.

Be on the alert

Create alerts based on timeframe, volume/threshold, issues or filters so you can be notified immediately about the narratives that matter most.

Identify & leverage influencers

Identify media and influencers driving a narrative; see the point of origin and how the narrative evolves.

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