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Zignal Influence Intelligence

Look at Influence Through a Whole New Lens

Map Influence Events
Most companies don’t realize the impact automated accounts can have on their brand reputation. Now, for the first time companies can employ metrics to understand the critical role automated accounts play in the narratives surrounding their brand.

Understand how Automated Social Media Accounts Impact Brand Reputation

Zignal Labs Influence Intelligence maps media conversations to help brands identify automated social media accounts and influence events. Better-inform communications strategies, make smarter paid media decisions and mitigate reputation risk.

Mitigate Reputational Risk

Every day, well-coordinated disinformation attacks impact the largest U.S. companies without anyone knowing they are occurring. Rudimentary media metrics will not uncover such campaigns. Zignal Influence Intelligence lets you see the role automated accounts play in crises, escalation and propagation of media stories.

Inform Communication Strategy

While many influencer marketing tools look at surface metrics such as the number of likes and retweets, Zignal Influence Intelligence digs a layer deeper to uncover the amount of automation involved in a conversation, a crucial component of influence operations – or activities that are coordinated to sway public opinion. Now you can get alerts when automated activity picks up, see automation scores for any story and navigate this new media playing field. 

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