Zignal Influence Intelligence

Defend Against Disinformation

Protect your company from social media risks
Zignal Influence Intelligence identifies and defends against bad-faith actors that spread disinformation about your organization.

Detect Risks and Disinformation

Social media disinformation campaigns by bad-faith actors are capable of sophisticated tactics from recycling old news to amplifying a corporate crisis or linking executives to cultural controversies. Zignal Influence Intelligence will monitor and analyze conversations about your brand, executives and campaigns to pinpoint signs of social media manipulation.

Determine Authentic Conversations

Coordinated disinformation campaigns can significantly amplify conversations about a hot-button issue. Detect and eliminate the impact of these synthetic conversations and gain an untainted picture of your marketing and communications efforts fueled by real people.

Act Fast and Defend

In a matter of minutes, disinformation can spread across the social media spectrum and wreak havoc on brand reputations. Through real-time alerts and comprehensive analytics, quickly understand the nature of the threat so you can take decisive action.

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