Zignal Workbench

Analyze Narratives Through a Whole New Lens

Inform Strategy with Analytical Insight
Zignal Workbench provides analysts with a suite of sophisticated tools to determine the degree of narrative-borne risk or opportunity across key media channels and audiences.

Dive into the Network Behind the Narrative

Utilizing Zignal’s proprietary AI technology, analysts can map the propagation of online conversations and visualize how automation is shaping and influencing authentic public opinion.

Put Conversations in Context

Through simple or complex searches, analysts can validate or disprove assumptions about trending narratives, and support immediate mitigation and proactive planning with insights on virality, historical baselines, geography, stock price correlation, and more.

Stay Informed as Situations Evolve

When automated activity increases, receive real-time alerts on every spike so you can prepare your team for a potential shift in strategy.

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