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Show measurable value and ROI

Stay completely connected with every media source to deliver informed analysis and recommendations to your clients.

  • Stay in front of negative news to neutralize potential crisis situations.
  • Craft relevant and thoughtful responses that keep your client’s brand in a positive light.
  • Know the media influencers to control how they report on client activity.

Become a trusted advisor

Keep a constant line of communication open with clients to share media developments and provide analysis and insights.

  • Serve as the early warning system for your clients of potential trouble on the horizon.
  • Show you clients you’re on top of your game by knowing every development.
  • Create reading lists, relevant clippings, notes and strategic recommendations.

Confidently manage the entire media spectrum

Manage and coordinate your client’s media engagement armed with data that will help you control the buzz when it counts.

  • Track all news activity up to and during earnings releases, annual reports and announcements.
  • Keep everyone on the same page with the same media data.
  • Schedule hourly, daily or weekly briefings and stay on top of industry news.

"Our PR agency has built its entire metrics and measurement program on Zignal's media intelligence. In fact, Zignal is the cornerstone of every strategy and plan we deliver to our clients."

Vice President of Client Services at a leading US-based PR firm

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