Brand Health and Reputation
Measure the Business and Brand Impact of Your Communications

Seize Opportunity and Alleviate Risk

Utilizing machine learning techniques, Zignal quickly sifts through massive amounts of data to summarize events that impact the health of your brand. Similarly, stories are instantly surfaced so you better understand common conversations and the most representative topics associated with your brand.

Go Beyond Vanity Media Metrics

Zignal Enterprise offers the first Message Impact Score to help organizations immediately measure the success of their content and amplification strategies to determine the health of their brand. Every news story and media mention is automatically scored to provide at-a-glance metrics that deliver instant insight into messages resonating with stakeholders.

Data at Your Fingertips

Zignal analyzes millions of data sources every second of every day—across traditional, digital and
social media—in order to surface the most crucial information to build and protect your brand. Define message strategy and proactively curtail the spread of negative information with the right insight at the right time.

"We've built a strong brand in the marketplace. Zignal helps protect this investment with the insights to calibrate how our brand is being discussed across our key audiences and stakeholders."

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