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Campaign Intelligence Engage strategic audiences with targeted content.

In a world where social sharing is becoming white noise, newsfeed algorithms are creating chaos and audiences are more distracted than ever, building and nurturing loyal and engaged audiences is critical to ensuring business success.

With a powerful media intelligence platform that surfaces everything you need to know about the people or communities that are important to your brand or product, Zignal gives you the means to be more scientific with experimentation, measurement and targeting.

Content Strategy

In an easily distracted world, it’s essential to create authentic, personalized content that will captivate your audience. With Zignal, you can identify the strategic messages, keywords and content that help you engage with any audience – at any time.

  • Analyze trending conversations to better understand which keywords to leverage or avoid.
  • Measure and benchmark industry topics to discover opportunities to expand into new and related topical areas.
  • Leverage sentiment scoring to understand what content drives higher levels of engagement.

Message Amplification

Finding the best channels, communities and influencers to amplify your brand’s message for a predefined target audience can be tricky. Zignal helps you navigate today’s complex media ecosystem with cluster visualizations that identify the conversational components that proactively drive awareness of your brand.

  • Identify key channels that are likely to be receptive to promoting your corporate brand.
  • Determine clusters of human influencers who are interested in a particular topic, likely to distribute your messages and engage with your content.
  • Identify inroads into and sharing characteristics of these communities that can best help you amplify key messages to meet your goals.

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