CCO and
Executive Team
Build brand and protect reputation.

media intelligence sentiment map

Be ready and anticipate the unexpected

Monitor trends, competitors and market developments that have a direct impact on your company and shareholder value.

  • Accurately position your company across all audiences.
  • Translate the business impact of your share of voice and messaging to investors and shareholders.
  • Know your many audiences and identify shifting consumer sentiment.

Centralize intelligence across the enterprise

Deploy data strategically to improve workflow and decision-making across departments.

  • Easy-to-interpret dashboards and reports change dynamically to provide up-to-the moment data.
  • Make more informed decisions based on immediate relevant data.
  • Empower cross-functional teams with the same media data and insights.

Minimize risk while bolstering brand reputation

Use analytics to understand the scope and source of media conversations and confidently take the right action.

  • Monitor news on any relevant subject to prioritize your coverage and response.
  • Ensure accurate analysis and rapid response to crisis and negative news situations.
  • Stay on top of financial and market developments the moment they happen.

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