Communications and PR Control the 24-second news cycle with real-time and predictive analytics.

Separate the signal from the noise

Keep up with the volume and velocity of data and activity across the full media spectrum, uncovering key insights and guiding your decisions.

  • Monitor and filter news on any relevant subject or geo-location demographics
  • Learn your “share of voice” in the industry and the impact of your messaging.
  • Stop getting snapshots and start seeing the whole media picture.

Establish one source of the truth

Consolidate your legacy tools and centralize analysis across every media source.

  • Leverage one source of information for your entire media and PR operation.
  • Keep teams armed with the same data and insights so they can march in lockstep.
  • Easily share reports and insights with departments and executive teams.

Monitor, analyze and take the right action

Cut through the constant barrage of media chatter to pinpoint the stories, data and developments that matter.

  • Highly intuitive graphical visualizations show you data, trends and revealing insights.
  • Smart alerts let you know when to pay attention and what to pay attention to.
  • Create reading lists that include relevant clippings, notes and recommendations.

Align with the marketing machine

Build an efficient and effective communications organization that supports the C-suite and entire enterprise.

  • Collect and analyze negative news data in real time to quickly neutralize crisis situations.
  • Identify key press influencers and manage relationships to generate the best media coverage.
  • Spend less time tracking stories and more time on analysis and strategy.

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