Competitive Intelligence Build powerful competitive intelligence to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Get the insights that are often missed

Pinpoint not just what competitors are saying but how consumers and analysts are responding to their messages.

  • Keep pace with competitor announcements and news to stay completely informed.
  • Drill down on competitive developments all the way down to a single tweet or snippet.
  • Track social activity that involves competitors and join the conversation.

Arm yourself for better differentiation

Complete competitor media coverage arms you with intelligence to plan media, messaging and strategic responses.

  • Track down competitive information that’s usually hidden or hard to find.
  • Be more aggressive in your competitive programs and know when competitors struggle.
  • Track public sentiment and improve market position vis-à-vis your competitors.

Stay competitively alert

Get immediately alerted whenever competitive brand activity is detected.

  • Generate proactive notifications and alerts to know when you’re being targeted in a competitive campaign.
  • Monitor relevant conversations leading up to competitor announcements.
  • Follow competitor crises and leverage your brand in a positive way to stand out.

"In today's dynamic media environment, competitive news and mentions can easily slip through the cracks. Zignal ensures we miss nothing and always stay one step head of the competition."

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