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Consumer Products

The CPG, fashion, cosmetics and apparel industries face many new challenges and opportunities. Steady shifts in consumer preferences have forced many brands to rethink what they stand for  spanning fair labor, ethical production practices and social responsibility amongst other areas. At the same time, a global economy and democratized technology mean new competitors can spring up any time. So to can crises. Brands must harness the power of advanced media intelligence solutions to gain control in this rapidly shifting environment.

Track brand-related coverage and conversations

Continually monitor your brand across social and other important media channels

  • Track social media comments by consumers who praise or complain about a product
  • Understand if your brand is living up to its promise and values
  • Quickly launch new products and understand sentiment and appeal across key audiences

Anticipate issues or marketplace insights

Protect your reputation by following what consumers and other stakeholders are saying about your brand and products

  • Set up alerts to see when customer complaints reach a problematic threshold
  • See when a normal conversation transforms into a potential crisis situation
  • Know when to respond to negative news, recalls or lawsuits that pertain to your brand

Keep your finger on the pulse of competing brands

See how your brand performs across media channels in a highly competitive consumer products environment

  • Instantly track industry trends and competitor activity with consumers and influencers
  • Know when media activity is particularly hot for your competitors
  • Gauge and learn from the success or shortfalls of competitors’ product launches

Amplify your brand through the right influencers

Identify the right influencers to help promote your products and improve your brand your brand value

  • See how often influencers mention your brand and gauge positive/negative sentiment
  • Engage influential bloggers that might become future brand ambassadors
  • Understand how your key influencers are amplifying your brand

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