Crisis Management Identify and mitigate known and unknown risks that impact your brand reputation.

Get alerts when potential issues arise

Zignal helps companies move to a proactive position for the inevitable crises. Set up and look for baseline deviations, risk factors and escalation paths. Conduct research on relevant topics

  • Get alerts on specific keywords, authors, competitors or topics that are blowing up
  • Rapidly conduct analysis including severity, story anatomy, influencer maps and historics
  • Understand a story’s trajectory across media—from Twitter to Reddit to traditional news and other outlets.


Know when conversations about your brand are manipulated by automated accounts

Only Zignal lets you separate human from automated voices on social media so you can analyze any potential crisis with a whole new lens.

  • Separate automated from human accounts to get a true sense of potential crises
  • Cluster topics and connections for unique influencer insight
  • Analyze and compare authentic audiences to automated/synthetic accounts

Get Instant Insight

No other solution delivers the rapid insights that Zignal does.

  • Stop sifting through mountains of data. Instant enrichment helps you get ahead of bad news quickly before it causes lasting damage
  • AI used to automatically detect aberrations in data without constant human adjustments
  • Never miss an important story. Zignal uses redundant data sources so you can trust the data.

"Using Zignal Labs, we were able to identify a simmering issue on social media. Within hours, we made informed decisions that prevented a major crisis."

Leading financial services firm

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