Crisis Management Make data-driven decisions to counter or prevent your next crisis.

Stay on the alert

Establish an early warning system that advises of trouble on the horizon.

  • Generate proactive notifications and alerts when threatening activity is detected.
  • Surface critical issues well in advance to stay ahead of the narrative.
  • Save time on analysis and action when it matters the most.


Track all relevant media activity

Monitor, filter and analyze all relevant news activity in real time to neutralize negative scenarios.

  • Get a comprehensive, bird’s eye view of all activity – not just independent snapshots.
  • Media distribution charts show you where conversations are centered.
  • Natural language processing measures public sentiment about your brand as a crisis unfolds.

Form a smart response

Focus on rapidly planning a thoughtful response and dictating the narrative, rather than tracking down stories.

  • Present easy-to-interpret reports, reading lists, clippings, notes and recommendations.
  • Teams operate from the same playbook with the most current data and workflows.
  • Develop post-crisis messaging and benchmarks to recalibrate for next time.

"Using Zignal Labs, we were able to identify a simmering issue on social media. Within hours, we made informed decisions that prevented a major crisis."

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